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Jeev Vichar Connect is an exciting game that challenges players to make smart connections. By linking game tiles and forming paths, players can learn about the classification of Jeev, the number of senses they possess, and where their hinsa (violence) can occur. The ultimate goal of Jeev Vichar is to avoid causing harm to any living being in our daily lives. With this game, learning about Jeev Vichar becomes fun and engaging!


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Jeev Vichar Connect 475 Original price was: ₹475.450Current price is: ₹450.
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How to play

  1. Shuffle the cards and distribute 7 cards to each player. Create a pile of the remaining cards.
  2. The first player keeps any one card in the centre of the playing area and then picks one card from the centre pile
  3. The next player must place a card connecting the card in the centre. E.g., if Player 1 keeps Jeev in the centre, then Player 2 can connect Sansari / Mukt / Ap Kāy, etc.
  4. Next player can then connect Sthāvar or tras to Sansāri
  5. As play continues, the players can connect to any cards in the playing area.
  6. Players must pick up one card from the pile every time they place it in the center.
  7. If a player does not have a card with a possible connection, he will pick up a card from the center pile and pass the turn to the next player.
  8. The First player who finishes his cards wins the game.

Linking Rules

  • Connecting according to the classification table. Eg. Sansāri has two classifications sthavar and tras so it can be linked vice-versa.
  • Below the whole line can be connected with each other
  • Jeev, Sansāri, Tras, Panchendriya, Tiryanch, Sthalchar, and Cow can be linked with each other.
  • ‘Sense’ card can be linked with a living being containing those senses. Each ‘sense’ card can be connected with another ‘sense’ card.
  • Flashcard ‘Ajeev’ can be joined to any non-living products
  • When a player links through any of these 4 possibilities he needs to check that all the borders of the card should match
  • There are 4 ‘Jeev Vichar Wild Cards’. These cards can be linked to any card.

Some Linking Hint

  • Jewellery can be linked to Ajeev, Gold Rock
  • Gold Rock can be linked to Sthāvar, Sansāri, Pruthvi Kāy
  • Pruthvi Kāy can be linked to Sthāvar, Gold Rock, Sansāri
  • Sthāvar can be linked to Pruthvi Kāy, Fire
  • Ajeev can be linked to a Shower, Hot Air Balloon
  • Jeev can be linked to Honey, Tras, Sādhāran, 1 sense, Dev
  • Jalchar can be linked to: Fish, Sansāri
  • Wood with termites can be linked to Vikalendriya, Jeev
  • Apple can be linked to Vanaspati, Sthāvar, Jeev
  • 1 Sense can be linked to Ap Kāy, Pratyek, 2 senses

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