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    Good manners are basic elements that will instil a sense of etiquette in your children and make them better human beings when they grow up. They will find it easy to get along with people, succeed at work or school, and develop good relationships with others around them. A polite, considerate child will make the best impression on the world. So, start teaching your kids these manners when they are young, itself!

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    Perfect for encouraging early word recognition, your baby will love the playful images and bold type and would explore each one again and again. Flash card has 108 color photographs to look at and talk about, and 108 simple first words to read and learn, too.
    Topics included in the flash cards are Panch Parmeshthi, 24 Lānchan, 14 Dreams,
    8 Mahāpratihārya, Ashtamangal etc. These 108 flash cards are the perfect tool to help develop reading, writing, spelling and pronunciation skills in a joyful and interactive manner.

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    Teaching your kids alphabets is easier than ever that too with a mix of Jainism. These flashcards contain both variants, A for Arihant & A for Apple, printed back to back.

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    How to play

    Gameplay Adaptations of Find The Match

    1. 6 Months + : Use as flashcards
    2. 18-24 Months : Identify the different objects
    3. 24-36 Months : Pairing of similar objects
    4. 36 Months + : Play as a memory game
    • Set Up : Lay all the 22 cards facing down to form a large grid.
    • Game Play : Each player gets to flips two cards per turn to make a matching pair. If the player cards match they get to keep it else the cards are flipped back.
    • Winning : The player with the maximum matching pairs is the winner.
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    Speedy observation, quick reflexes, concentration with Jain symbols – All in one game.

    Game 1 (Front side)
    57 Jain symbols, 48 cards, 8 symbols per card & only 1 symbol shared between any 2 cards!

    Game 2 (Back side)
    48 flashcards that will help your child to learn 57 spiritual symbols of Jainism.

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    Now teach the names of 24 Tirthankar Bhagwan, their lanchans & much more with these simple & attractive 24 Lanchan cards.

    Front Side
    • Tirthankar bhagwan name & number
    • Lanchan image in big size for clear visibility
    • Lanchan name in English, Hindi & Gujarati

    Back Side
    • Tirthankar bhagwan name & number
    • Mother & Father’s name
    • Number of Sadhu, Sadhvi, Shravak & Shravika’s
    • Bhagwan’s age, body color & their birth place

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    Beautiful flashcards to introduce your kids to fruits & vegetables. Also teach your kids from a young age the eatables & non-eatables according to Jainism. These flashcards also include information on the 22 abhakshya mentioned in Jain scriptures. The name of the fruits & vegetables are mentioned in Hindi & English.

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    Front Side of card:

    • 24 Tirthankar bhagwan image & name
    • 24 Tirthankar bhagwan image in big size
    • Bhagwan name & number in English & Hindi

    Back Side of card:

    • All details in English & Hindi
    • Mother & Father’s name
    • Birth Place, Nirvan Place, Kaya & Ayushya
    • Bhagwan’s Lanchan & Body Color
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    Set of 25 cards to capture your baby’s journey. Age : 0+ years. And you guessed it right, capture your baby’s first spiritual moments with these cards.

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    Front Side: 108 Names of Shri Shatrunjaya Mahatirth, Palitana in High Contrast.
    Back Side: 108 Photos of Shri Shatrunjaya Mahatirth, Palitana for Bhaav Yatra.