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How to play

Gameplay Adaptations of Find The Match

  1. 6 Months + : Use as flashcards
  2. 18-24 Months : Identify the different objects
  3. 24-36 Months : Pairing of similar objects
  4. 36 Months + : Play as a memory game
  • Set Up : Lay all the 22 cards facing down to form a large grid.
  • Game Play : Each player gets to flips two cards per turn to make a matching pair. If the player cards match they get to keep it else the cards are flipped back.
  • Winning : The player with the maximum matching pairs is the winner.

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1 review for Find the Match

  1. Avani Satra (verified owner)

    A great way to learn with fun, even the parents enjoy and can learn if they aren’t aware of the details.

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Find the Match


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