14 Niyam

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“14 Niyam” is a captivating and educational game designed to instill the essence of Jain values and teachings in young minds. They will embark on a delightful journey of discovery, seeking objects that match the 14 Niyams, promoting their knowledge and awareness. Teaching children the significance of “Niyams” has never been more enjoyable! With “14 Niyam,” kids will not only learn about these principles but also practice them daily. The game includes a tracking board to keep a record of their daily progress, making it a valuable tool for reinforcing positive habits and behaviors.

Benefits of “14 Niyam” Game:

Cultivates Values: Encourage children to understand and embrace the virtues of Jainism through engaging gameplay.
Enhances Knowledge: Stimulate their cognitive skills and observation abilities by identifying objects related to various categories.
Spiritual Growth: Introduce the concept of Niyams as a part of their daily routine, fostering spiritual development from a young age.
Family Bonding: Enjoy quality time together as a family while reinforcing Jain principles and teachings. “14 Niyam” is the perfect blend of entertainment and education, providing children with a foundation of Jain values to carry with them throughout their lives. Let your little ones embark on this enlightening journey and watch them thrive with every step they take.

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14 Niyam 200 Original price was: ₹200.190Current price is: ₹190.
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How to play?

  • Set Up: Place the category cards in a pile, face down. Spread the remaining cards face up on the table.
  • Distribute Category Cards:
  • Each player receives a category card.
  • Start the Timer of 1 min to begin Round 1.
  • Search for Connected Cards: Players simultaneously search for cards that are connected to their assigned category within the given time.
  • Proceed to Round 2: Once the timer runs out, move on to Round 2.
  • Continue Playing: Repeat the process for each round until all category cards have been used.
  • Determine the Winner: The player with the highest number of collected cards at the end wins the game.

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