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  • Aarsh(आर्ष) Belonging To Seers (Rsis), Archaistic.
  • Abha(आभा) Splendor, Light, A Flash, Beauty, Appearance.
  • Abhasa(आभास) Splendor, Light, Color, Appearance.
  • Abheri(आभेरी) Name Of One Of The Raginis Or Modes Of Music.
  • Abhima(अभीम) (Name Of Visnu) Causing No Fear
  • Abhinavakalidasa(अभिनवकालिदास) The Modern Kalidasa. (A Name Given To A Modern Sanskrit Poet Madhavacarya)
  • Abhirupa(अभिरूपा) Beautiful In Every Sense.
  • Abhishek(अभिषेक) Coronation, Inauguration, Purification.
  • Abhuti(आभूति) Reaching, Attaining, Superhuman Power Or Strength.
  • Achyuta(अच्युत): (name of Lord Viṣṇu) Not fallen, firm, imperishable, permanent
  • Adambara(आडम्बर) Immensity, Sublimity, Pleasure.
  • Adesha(आदेश) Advice, Instruction, Declaration, Command, Order.
  • Adhiratha(अधिरथ) (A Charioteer Of Karna Once Being The Prince Of Anga Kingdom) One Who Is On The Cart Or Chariot
  • Adhirathi(आधिरथि) Son Of Adhiratha Karna.
  • Adhvara(अध्वर) Non-Injuring, A Sacrifice
  • Adima(आदिमा) First, Prior, Primitive, Original.
  • Adinath(आदिनाथ) Name of our First Tirthankar.
  • Adrta(आदृता) Attentive, Careful, Zealous.
  • Advaita(अद्वैत) (Epithet Of Visnu, Identity Of Brahma Or The Supreme Soul) Non-Duality, Having No Duplicate, Peerless, Sole, Unique.
  • Adya(आद्या) (Name Of Goddess Durga) Being At The Beginning, The Earth, Unparalleled, Unprecedented.
  • Agam(आगम) Origin, Approach, Acquisition Of Knowledge, A Traditional Doctrine Or Sacred Work.
  • Agamita(आगमिता) Learnt, Studied, Ascertained.
  • Agasti (अगस्ति): (name of a sage): a mountain-thrower. (strong/ valorous person)
  • Agastya(आगस्त्य) One Belonging To Rsi Agasti, Follower Of Rsi Agasti.
  • Aghati(आघाटी) A Cymbal Or Rattle.
  • Aghosha(आघोष) Invocation, Boastful Statement, Proclamation.
  • Agira(अगिर): Sun, Fire, A Rākṣasa (demon)
  • Agneya(आग्नेय) Belonging Or Consecrated To Fire Or Deity Agni.
  • Agnidhra(आग्नीध्र) Care Of The Sacred Fire.
  • Agnihotrika(आग्निहोत्रिका) Belonging To The Agnihotra Sacrifice.
  • Agniki(आग्निकी) Belonging To The Preparation Of The Sacrificial Fire.
  • Agnivesha (अग्निवेश): (Ancient Āyurveda practitioner) one who dwells near the fire
  • Agrayana(आग्रयण) First Libation At The Agnistoma Sacrifice, A Form Of Agni.
  • Agya(आज्ञा) Order, Command, Authority, Unlimited Power.
  • Aja(अज) (Eminent King In The Raghu Lineage) One Who Is Present Eternally, The Ultimate Principle (Brahma)
  • Ajani(आजानि) Noble Birth, Descent.
  • Ajara(अजरा) Ever Young
  • Ajatshatru(अजातशत्रु) (Name Of Yudhisthira) Having No Enemy
  • Ajigarta(अजीगर्त) (Name Of A Poor Ascetic) One Who Doesn’T Have Anything To Eat (Lit. To Swallow)
  • Akal(आकाल) The Right Time.
  • Akanksha(आकाङ्क्षा) Desire, Wish.
  • Akara(आकार) Form, Appearance, Gesture Or Aspect Of Body, Expression Of The Face.
  • Akash(आकाश) A Free Space, Vacuity, Ether, Sky Or Atmosphere.
  • Akhug(आखुग) (Name Of Lord Ganesa) Lit. One Who Rides On A Rat.
  • Akrura(अक्रूर) (Very Famous Devotee Of Shri Krsna) One Who Is Not Cruel, One Who Is Merciful
  • Akshara(अक्षरा) Imperishable, Unalterable
  • Amala(अमला) Clear, Pure, Shining
  • Amita(अमिता) Boundless, Infinite
  • Amoda(आमोद) Gladdening, Cheering Up, Serenity, Aroma.
  • Amogha(अमोघ) Succeeding, Fruitful, Hitting The Mark



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