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Name in EnglishName in HindiMeaningCategory
AalokआलोकBrightness, LightBoy
AanatअनंतHumble, Very CourteousBoy
AanayआनयLord Ganesh, Lord VishnuBoy
Aarshआर्षThe Right Time.Boy
Aatmanआत्मनEssence, SoulBoy
AbhaआभाReaching, Attaining, Superhuman Power Or Strength.Girl
AbhasaआभासGladdening, Cheering Up, Serenity, Aroma.Boy
AbhayअभयFearless, Son Of Dharma, Son Of King ShrenikBoy
Abhay Prasadअभय प्रसादDerived From AbhaykumarBoy
Abhayendraअभयेंद्रDerived From AbhaykumarBoy
AbheriआभेरीName Of One Of The Raginis Or Modes Of Music.Girl
AbhimaअभीमCausing No FearBoy
AbhinavakalidasaअभिनवकालिदासSon Of Dronacarya/Having The Strength Of A HorseBoy
AbhirupaअभिरूपाSearch, Introspection, Examining, Inquiry.Girl
AbhishekअभिषेकReins, Control Over Something.Boy
AbhutiआभूतिName Of One Of The Raginis Or Modes Of Music.Girl
Achyutaअच्युतNot fallen, firm, imperishable, permanentBoy
Adambaraआडम्बरProper For Or Attentive To A Guest, Hospitable.Boy
AdeshaआदेशSon Of Adhiratha Karna.Boy
AdhirathaअधिरथA Serpent-Like Demon Coming In The Rv Conquered By IndraBoy
AdhirathiआधिरथिResting On Tradition, Derived From The Veda Or Tradition.Boy
Adhvaraअध्वरNon-Injuring, A SacrificeBoy
AdimaआदिमाBeing At The Beginning, The Earth, Unparalleled, Unprecedented.Girl
AdinathआदिनाथAdvice, Instruction, Declaration, Command, Order.Boy
AdrtaआदृताAn Elder Sister.Girl
Advaitaअद्वैतLotus, The Indian Crane.Boy
Adyaआद्याAttentive, Careful, Zealous.Girl
AgamआगमOne Belonging To Rsi Agasti, Follower Of Rsi Agasti.Boy
AgamitaआगमिताBelonging To The Preparation Of The Sacrificial Fire.Girl
Agastiअगस्तिname of a sage/a mountain-thrower. (strong/ valorous person)Boy
Agastyaआगस्त्यBelonging Or Consecrated To Fire Or Deity Agni.Boy
AghatiआघाटीExpressed By Bodily Action Or Attitude Or Gestures (As Dramatic Sentiment, Passion, And So On).Girl
AghoshaआघोषDescended From Or Belonging To The Angiras.Boy
AgiraअगिरSun, Fire, A Rākṣasa (demon)Boy
Agneyaआग्नेयFirst Libation At The Agnistoma Sacrifice, A Form Of Agni.Boy
Agnidhraआग्नीध्रA Cymbal Or Rattle.Girl
Agnihotrikaआग्निहोत्रिकाCare Of The Sacred Fire.Girl
Agnikiआग्निकीBelonging To The Agnihotra Sacrifice.Girl
Agniveshaअग्निवेशAncient Āyurveda practitioner one who dwells near the fireBoy
Agrayanaआग्रयणInvocation, Boastful Statement, Proclamation.Boy
Agyaआज्ञाOne Whose Eyes Are To Be Anointed With Ointment.Girl
AjaअजEminent King In The Raghu Lineage/One Who Is Present Eternally, The Ultimate Principle (Brahma)Boy
AjaniआजानिOrder, Command, Authority, Unlimited Power.Girl
AjaraअजराMother Of Hanuman, A Woman (Who Is Fit For The Application Of Ointments, Pigments, Sandal-Wood-Paste Etc.)Girl
Ajatshatruअजातशत्रुName Of Yudhisthira/Having No EnemyBoy
AjeyअजेयInvincible, Success, UnconquerableBoy
AjigartaSanskrit Poet/The Sound Of A HorseBoy
AjitअजीतInvincible, UnconquerableBoy
Name in EnglishName in HindiMeaningCategory
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