Jain Jumpstart

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“Jain JumpStart” is an exciting and educational card game that combines fun, strategy, and a touch of Jain cultural heritage! This dynamic game for children involves using strategy and speed to solve category challenges, aiming to discard your letter cards amidst bouts of laughter, learning, and unending enjoyment. Suitable for ages 6 and up, this dice and card game prompts players to roll the die, start the timer, and dive into a competition! Explore fascinating facts about Jain philosophy, culture, and more as you engage in this thrilling family game.

“Jain JumpStart” offers endless entertainment and a great way to engage with the Jain philosophy through playful learning. It’s perfect for those looking to enhance their vocabulary, quick thinking, and cultural knowledge in a competitive and joyful setting.


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Jain Jumpstart 699 Original price was: ₹699.650Current price is: ₹650.
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How to play?

Eager to learn how to play “Jain JumpStart”? Simply roll the dice to determine your category, set the timer, and let the excitement unfold! It’s a race against time to come up with words starting from your letter cards. Watch as your children learn and expand their horizons in a fun, engaging way!

Set up

Shuffle and distribute all the Letter Cards evenly across all the players. Players must keep their Letter Cards face down in a pile.
Separate and stack the four Category Card decks face down in the center.
Each player must pick up the top three cards from their deck of Letter Cards and hold them in their hand.


This game is played clockwise starting with the youngest player.
On your turn, roll the dice and pick up the topmost card from the corresponding category and place it, face up, in the center, so it’s visible to all players.

NOTE : If the dice lands on 5, you can pick a card from any category. If your dice lands on 6, you must appoint another player to pick a card from the category of their choice.

Flip the timer and get ready to JumpStart. ALL players must say their answer out loud that begins with one of their Letter Cards, and play the card in the center. For example, if the prompt reads ‘Name of Tirthankar Bhagwān’. You can say “Shree Mahavir Bhagwan” and play this Letter Card “M” in the center.

As soon as you play a Letter Card, you must pick up another from the top of your deck of Letter Cards, so you have three cards in your hand at all times.

Continue to think of as many answers as you can while the timer is running so you can get rid of as many letters as possible. You must stop answering as soon as the timer runs out.

NOTE : players cannot repeat answers in the same round.

The use of the book, website or any Jain dictionary is allowed.
After the timer runs out, it’s the next player’s turn to roll the dice. Continue this until a player gets rid of all their Letter Cards & wins !


  • Skip : You can play this card at any time, while the timer is running. If you play this card, a new card must be picked from the same category deck, and all the players must continue to answer based on the new Category Card, until the timer runs out.
  • Vowel Cards : You can use any vowel as the first letter for your answer.
  • Lucky Letter : You can use any letter from the alphabet as the first letter for your answer.

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