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The three main virtues of the atman, that lead him to salvation… are Samyak Darshan, Gyān, and Chāritra.
Undaunted devotion for dev, guru and dharma is “Samyag Darshan”, The true knowledge of nine principles is “Samyag Gyān”, adherence related to the vows like sāmāyik, which are closely related to sādhu dharma is “Samyag Chāritra”. One must develop faith in Tirthankaras teachings, gain knowledge of them and then put them into practice.
Shraddhā, gyān, chāritra (faith, knowledge and character) when these three virtues meet, ātman discovers the purest aspect of its being… the Moksha… and acquires the purest, eternal form (formless stage) and resides on Siddhashilā.
This game is developed with an aim to develop the desire to acquire the purest gyān, darshan and chāritra, and forsake the vices in children.

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Ratnatrayi 11
Ratnatrayi 450 Original price was: ₹450.425Current price is: ₹425.
  • WHY GIFT THIS: A perfect birthday gift for boys and girls that keeps them engaged and learn at the same time.
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How To Play

Players : 2-6 Age : 5+

Game Includes

  • 1 Game Board
  • 6 Pawns
  • 1 Dice
  • 30 Light house Cards
  • 30 Karma Raja Cards
  • 14 Samyag Darshan Cards
  • 14 Samyag Gyān Cards
  • 14 Samyak Chāritra Cards
  • 13 Agyān Cards

Game Play

  • Place all the Ratnatrayi tokens, Light house & Karmaraja cards face down on the board at their respective places.
  • Each player gets one pawn.
  • The first player to get six starts the game.
  • You get an extra turn when you role a 6 on the dice.
  • If any player lends on “Light house,” he will pick up a card from the light house deck and do accordingly, same goes for Karmarāja. After completing the task you can keep the card back at the bottom of the pile.
  • If you land on “Pick a ratnatrayi”, you can pick a ratnatrayi token from the center pile on the board.
  • To win one must have 1 Samayak Darshan, 1 Samyak Gyān, 1 Samayak Chāritra, and NO Agyān token. The first player to get this combination and reach the end box wins the game. An exact roll is not required to reach the end box.
  • The game circle continues (start to end, end to start) till one of the players gets the combination & wins.


  • When card says “You loose Gyān token” it means you have to keep one of your Samyak Gyān token at the bottom of the Ratnatrayi pile.
  • When card says “Pick a token from any player” it means you can pick one token from any player without looking at them.

How to discard Agyan?

  • While playing when you land on “Pick a ratnatrayi” you can keep your Agyān instead of picking a new token.
  • When player 2 lands on the same space occupied by player 1, then player 1 can give his/her Agyān token to player 2. Now if player 3 lands on the same space, player 2 can give his agyān token to player 3. A player can also give any other token of his choice.

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4+, 5+



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  1. Prashant Lodaya (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing family game.

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