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The aim of Jain Picart is to guess what the drawer/actor, is trying to express from a list of cards. Once you guess correctly, you can advance across the game board and the first to reach the end wins!

Get ready for an adventurous ride through our mystical temples, meet mahapurush along the way, know various upkarans & learn about the concepts of Jainism through drawing & acting.


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Jain Picart 575 Original price was: ₹575.490Current price is: ₹490.
  • WHY GIFT THIS: A perfect birthday gift for boys and girls that keeps them engaged and learn at the same time.
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The board game Jain Picart is fun to play with a group of four or more people.

The Game includes :

A game board, 4 pawns, dice,
28 Cards, sand timer, Reusable pen, & 2 slates.


Players make teams (maximum of four teams), with a minimum of two players on each team.
Each team place their pawn on the board at “Start”.

Goal :

First to reach the last square and complete a final activity successfully.

Board explanation :

(if possible keep a picture
depicting 3 island).
There are three types of island :
Draw island : There will be Person standing with pencil in hand.
Act island : There will be a person showing action.
All Play Island : This island has a big pencil.
Wild card island : It’s the multicolor one.

Cards :

There are total 50 cards
Each card have five options matching the islands color.
Upkaran / Objects
Bhagwān / Jeev / Sādhu / Sādhvi / Shrāvak / Shravikā
Places / Temples
Concept / Festival / Days

Game Play :

Each team roll the dice to see which team goes first. The highest roll gets to start first.
Choose one player from your team to be the first performer and pick up a card decide the word and decide draw or act what will you do to explain that word.
If Performer completes task successfully. There pawn is kept on the board. Else the team with second highest total gets the chance to Perform.
Now, the player on the board will roll a dice.
For e.g. Team gets “2” I.e. green island with a person drawing. The Performer picks a card & secretly looks at the word in the green box.
The Performer has 1 minute to draw (as over here person is standing with a pencil) clues to their team.
If the guess is correct, the team can keep there pawn on that particular tile. And rolls the dice again performs the task. It continues to till team does not loose.
If team looses their pawn stay where they are rightnow. And next team gets the roll.
The Performer must change each time a team plays a new word.

All Play Island :

When any team lands on an island with a pencil, each team selects one Performer, and all the performers secretly see the card. (Word with the color of island)
All Performers will start explaining the same word simultaneously through drawing to their team members. Whichever team guesses the clue correctly first wins the round and immediately gets to roll the die. This team now continues their turn with a new word.
If no team identifies the word within the time limit.The dice is passed to the next team.

Wild Colour Island :

If a team lands on the wild colour island, the Performer may choose a word from any option (Upkaran/Person/Action/Place/Concept).
The Performer can announce the category of the chosen word to perform through draw, action or all play (represented on island).

Points to be taken care of :

The same square can be occupied by two or more teams simultaneously.

End of the Game :

A team must reach the final all-play square for the chance to win the Game. They must identify the word during the subsequent All Play round to win.
The dice is passed to the left if no team identifies the all-play word within the time limit.
If another team identifies the all-play word, the dice is passed to that team.

Do’s during drawing :

Draw anything related to the word, no matter how tenuous.
Break words down into several syllables.

Dont’s during drawing :

Use dashes to show the number of letters in the word.
Use letters or numbers.
Speak to your teammates.
Use sign language.

Do’s during acting :

The performance has to be silent with no words.
Break words down into several syllables but only through action.
Use facial expressions, gestures, and body language.

Dont’s during acting :

Use of lip-reading.
Humming songs.
Pointing Person or objects.

Group Play :

Playing in pathshala/updhan or group.
A neutral player (E.g. Pathshala teacher) is selected for time & scorekeeping.
Equally distribute all students/people into two or more teams.
The neutral player decides which team goes first.
The neutral player then calls out loud any option (Upkaran/Person/Action)

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2 reviews for Jain Picart

  1. Meghal (verified owner)

    સુપર ફન,બાલકોની આંતરીક શક્તિઓ વિકાસ કરવા માટે આ એક ઉત્તમ ફન વિથ લર્નિંગ

    English Translation:
    Super fun, an excellent fun with learning tool for developing children’s internal strengths.

  2. Nn (verified owner)

    Very creative and fun way of connecting the child with Jainism. Very happy with the purchase.

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