24 Tirthankar Lanchan (Coloring Book)


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1 review for 24 Tirthankar Lanchan (Coloring Book)

  1. pragnesh sevantilal shah (verified owner)

    Very different idea of coloring pictures of lanchans of 24 tirthankars . By doing coloring children remember lanchans in a very easy and correct way. Thanks for sharing this book us. Every jain should purchase this book for their child.

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    The icons of the tirthankars that adorn the palatial Jain temples all look very similar, except the icon of the 23rd lord, Shri Parshvanath Bhagawan. His icon has a snake. Protecting the lord with its hood. We identify the icons with the symbols that are engraved on the asanas of Lords; These symbols are called lanchhan. This book acquaints us with lanchhans of our twenty-four Lord.

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24 Tirthankar Lanchan (Coloring Book)


In stock