Jainism Course – Part 1


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To built FAITH on JINVACHAN , JINAAGAM is the best source
To gain all that,

विश्वमंगल परिवार presents JAINISM course!

Authored by : Vidushi Sadhvi Maniprabha Shriji M.S.

Jainism Course – Part 1 6
Jainism Course - Part 1 100
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JAINISM COURSE 6 BOOKS मे बटा हुआ है ।
हर BOOK मे 6 to 7 CHAPTERS है…
इसका अध्ययन next 12 months तक चलता रहेगा ।


  1. क्या आप अपने जीवन को परमात्मा के बताय मारगनुसार शुद्ध क्रिया द्वारा project करना चाहते हो? तो देखिये first chapter क्रिया शुधि ।
  2. क्या आप अपने जीवन को स्वर्ग जैसा सुंदर बनाकर मैत्री सरोवर में झूमना चाहते हो? तो अपने जीवन में उतारिये Second chapter सुखी परिवार की चाबी ।
  3. क्या आप गणधर रचित सूत्र- अर्थ द्वारा अपने कर्म मल धोकर प्रभु भक्ति से आत्म – शुद्धि करना चाहते हो? तो कंठस्थ कीजिए Third Chapter सूत्र- अर्थ एवं काव्य विभाग।
  4. क्या आप महापुरुषों के पदचिन्हों पर चलकर महापुरुष की तरह अमर बनना चाहते हो ? तो पढ़िए Fourth Chapter आदर्श जीवन चरित्र ।
  5. क्या आप जीव -विचार, नव – तत्त्व, कर्मग्रंथादि गहन तत्वों को बातों – बातों में सीख लेना चाहते हो तो सीखिए Fifth Chapter तत्वज्ञान ।

दुनिया के किसी भी कोने का कोई भी महानुभव इस COURSE se grow कर सकता है ! Give your best and leave the rest on us!


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13 reviews for Jainism Course – Part 1

  1. Nirav Shah

    Superb book!!!!

  2. Chaitali Kapadia

    Awesome book! Must read????????????

  3. Chetna bafna (verified owner)

    Superb book I have cleared my many doubts frm dis ..n many mr to go.it shows right path of jains n following …
    Each n every person sld read dis book

  4. Milapchand Nathmull Jain (verified owner)

    Excellent Book for beginners & best service from distributers

  5. ભાવિન વેલાણી (verified owner)

    પાઠશાળા ના બાળકો માટે ખૂબજ ઉપયોગી પુસ્તક છે. સૂત્રોના અર્થ સરળ રીત થી સમજાવેલ છે.

  6. Snehal Doshi

    Loving this book. As a beginner, I got to learn so many things.. appreciate the efforts.. and thank you so much ????

  7. Prachi (verified owner)

    Thank you… N the book is amazing.

  8. Amit (verified owner)

    I am getting book before time. ..Book is also lot of knowledge for us .

  9. Sheetal Priyank jain (verified owner)

    This book is amezing. Thanks shrut gyan for this book.
    Jai Jinendra????????????

  10. Rupal A mehta

    The book is very informative and in simple language so its easy to understand
    Thanks to the team who took the iniciative of spreading knowledge of jainism so that each and everyone can gain knowledge and make their birth worthy and take a step forward to moksh as without knowledge there is no moksh
    Thanks a lit to each and everyone
    Khub khub Anumodana ????

  11. Vidhya jain (verified owner)


  12. Amit


  13. Mansi gopani

    Good book for reading

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