Jain Puzzle – Shree Lodrava Tirth, Jaisalmer

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These puzzles can help inculcate the values of building a temple right from childhood.

Once upon a time this was a major center for the Rajput Kingdoms. It was said to be very prosperous & glorious. Lodravā tirth is famous for its magical myths. This tirth has two identical idols of the moolnayak made of black kasauti stone, one is placed in the main garbhagrih and other in the adjacent. The ancient temple was renovated by danveer shreshthi Thirushah. He has repaid gold weighing equivalent to both the idols to the sculpturist (moortikar). The designing work of the wooden Kalpvriksh having leaves, fruits and birds on it, is very attractive. Four other small temples are present outside this temple. The ancient Kalpvriksha can be seen only at this place. It was one of the biggest city and has the opportunity of holding the biggest University of the country in the olden days. Adhisthayak dev of the temple is vary powerful and hence the temple remain unaffected from many attacks on the city. He use to give darshan to his fellow followers on many occasions.

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Jain Puzzle – Shree Lodrava Tirth, Jaisalmer 12
Jain Puzzle – Shree Lodrava Tirth, Jaisalmer 250 Original price was: ₹250.225Current price is: ₹225.
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