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    Collection Of 5 Books…

    Kurgadu Muni
    My Alphabet Book
    My Tirthankar

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    Whenever we notice some strange events happening in our or our close one’s lives, a question apparently comes to our mind, “Why did it happen?”

    Due to the limitations of our knowledge, we usually accuse the living beings behind them. But, the truth is actually different from our imaginations. To know that, have a look at 158 types of Karma shown in this book. We would get the answers to many questions of our life and come to realise that the cause behind everything is Karma, The Superpower.

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    Collection Of 3 Books…

    My Puja Vidhi
    My Guru Vandan Vidhi
    My Samayik Vidhi

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    Collection Of 10 Books…

    The Profound

    The Loyal

    The Wise
    Nami Rajarshi

    The Dutiful
    Nandisen Muni

    The Observant
    Rohineya Chor

    The Inspiring
    Sanath Chakravarti

    The Devotional
    Sati Subhadra

    The Pious
    Vishnukumar Muni

    The Compassionate
    Sinh Sreshthi

    The Obedient

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    Collection Of 10 Books…

    The Heroic
    Arnik Muni

    The Great

    The Loved
    Dhanna Angaar

    The Goal Oriented |

    The Thoughtful .
    Prasannachandra Rajarshi

    The Fortunate .
    Revati Shravika

    The Kind Hearted .
    Khandhak Muni

    The Serene
    Sukoshal Muni

    The Devoted .
    Sulsa Shravika

    The High Spirited

    These are Tales of Jainism, volume three
    Reading these tales will set you free.

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    Collection Of 10 Books…

    Embark on the journey to different places.
    Challenge your friends in story races.
    Learn about honesty from Bhimji Sanghpati.
    Become introspective like Aimutta Balmuni.
    Know how self reliant Dhandhan Muni was.
    Find Warm-hearted Rukmani’s grief cause.
    How did Pradeshi Raja become so contented?
    Is there any one more than Punya devoted?
    Being Selftess can be learnt from Meghrath.
    Kapil will show what being wise is really worth.
    Be astounded by Intelligent Vajraswami.
    And you will be blessed like Muni Anathi.
    These are Tales of Jainism, Volume 2,
    To help you grow into a better you.

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    Collection Of 10 Books…

    Tales of Jainism is a special collection,
    That will become your inspiration.
    Meghkumar will teach you about mercy;
    Bigheartedness will be shown by Bahubali;
    Humbleness of Kurgadu Muni will surprise you;
    Samprati Maharaja‘s generosity are found in few;
    Thoughtfulness of Ilaichi Kumar is surprising;
    Gajsukumal is unexpectedly tolerating ;
    Metaraj Muni displays true forgiveness;
    And great Chandarudra Acharya finds true happiness.
    Get blessings from divine Dharmasuri M.s.
    And be moved by compassionate Hirvijaysuri M.s.
    Morals and values in these tales you will find.
    They are joy for the heart and food for the mind.