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    Many a time we just worship god blindly without understanding his innumerable virtues. It is in fact, impossible to comprehend the lord in true sense, because of our physical and intellectual limits. This book acquaints the children with the concept of Jineshwara and thus adore him with open eyes and open minds.

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    A must for all growing toddlers who have everything but no one to lead them towards the right path. It is a multivitamin that will ensure the spiritual growth and health of your young ones.

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    Perhaps no religion has championed the cause of non-violence like the Jains. The enlightened arihantas preached how we should follow nonviolence in our day to day life, So that we live and let others live. Dwidal is a small book which shows how by combining two articles of food, we cause breeding and destroying of innumerable micro-oraganisms. A must for children as well as parents.

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    A guru transforms a soul into a supreme soul.
    A guru vanquishes the evil karmas.
    A guru destroys the darkness of ignorance.
    A guru preaches the values that elevate a spirit
    A guru turns trials into triumphs.

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    Navkar Mahamantra Samavasaran Ashta-Maha-Pralinarya Parikac-Avasthatik Panchindiy Sootra Iriya Vahiyam Sota Annattha Sootra Logassa Sootra Karemi Bhante Sootra & 6 Aavashyak 10 Trik Part-4 10 Tk Pant-2 10Trik Part-3 Namutthunam Part-1 ‘Namutthunam to Gandh Hattinam Namutthunam Part-2 (Loguttamaanam to Chakkavattinam) Jay Viyaray Sootra 22 Abhakshya Part-1 22 Abhakshya Part-2 22 Abhakshya…

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    Now teach the names of 24 Tirthankar Bhagwan, their lanchans & much more with these simple & attractive 24 Lanchan cards.

    Front Side
    • Tirthankar bhagwan name & number
    • Lanchan image in big size for clear visibility
    • Lanchan name in English, Hindi & Gujarati

    Back Side
    • Tirthankar bhagwan name & number
    • Mother & Father’s name
    • Number of Sadhu, Sadhvi, Shravak & Shravika’s
    • Bhagwan’s age, body color & their birth place

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    Front Side of card:

    • 24 Tirthankar bhagwan image & name
    • 24 Tirthankar bhagwan image in big size
    • Bhagwan name & number in English & Hindi

    Back Side of card:

    • All details in English & Hindi
    • Mother & Father’s name
    • Birth Place, Nirvan Place, Kaya & Ayushya
    • Bhagwan’s Lanchan & Body Color
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    Good manners are basic elements that will instil a sense of etiquette in your children and make them better human beings when they grow up. They will find it easy to get along with people, succeed at work or school, and develop good relationships with others around them. A polite, considerate child will make the best impression on the world. So, start teaching your kids these manners when they are young, itself!

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    Speedy observation, quick reflexes, concentration with Jain symbols – All in one game.

    Game 1 (Front side)
    57 Jain symbols, 48 cards, 8 symbols per card & only 1 symbol shared between any 2 cards!

    Game 2 (Back side)
    48 flashcards that will help your child to learn 57 spiritual symbols of Jainism.

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    Samayik is the path to become like Parmatma, because through Samayik our vices are converted into virtues.

    Through this book you will learn

    • Learn the importance of Samayik
    • All the required upkaran for doing Samayik & their importance
    • Complete vidhi of taking Samayik
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    Shatrunjaya or Palitana is one of the most pious shrines of the Jains. Infinite souls have attained liberation here. Acquaint your kids with this Jain Tirth with the help of this puzzle.

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    Do you feel these products are perfect for a friend or a loved one? Finding it difficult to choose the right gift? You can buy a gift card for them!

    Note: Gift cards come with an expiry date of 1 year.

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    Game 1: Memory Game- A perfect combination to inculcate Jainism and sharp memory. Can be played with the Tirthankar, lanchan, and number cards.

    Game 2: Activity Book- Consists of various activities on 24 Tirthankar, 34 Atishay, and the Time Cycle. Rewritable and handy, this book is sure to keep your kids entertained and knowledgeable.

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    Why pray? It’s simple, to talk with God and to get His direction for our lives. Prayer is spiritual communication between ourselves and God. This bundle contains a few poems/stutis. They are easy to understand and easier to sing. Let’s learn these hymns & get connected to the supreme God.

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    Book Content:

    • 24 Lanchan
    • 14 Supan
    • 8 Mangal
    • 8 Mahapratiharya