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    The main purpose behind this game is to put before the children some gem out of the enormous treasure of Jain stories. The child will come to know what are the types of actions which lead to births which are unpleasant and full of horrible experiences. He will also come to know what type of activities can lead to birth in existence which leads to pleasant experiences. Thus by knowing the two distinct categories of activity which lead to unpleasant births & pleasant births respectively, the child will be able to choose the better path which will purify his thoughts, words & deeds. Thus he will be saved from evil deeds of the nature.
    The following 16 individuals revolve in human, sub-human, celestial or hellish existences in accordance to their good or bad deeds or practice the highest spiritual sadhna and attain liberation. This has been shown through the stories given in outline form.


    1. Procession of King Dashaambhadra
    2. Bharat Chakravarti
    3. Hell’s view in Mrugaa’s Mind
    4. Gandhar Goutamswaami
    5. Naagashri offering bitter gourd
    6. Chittmuni explaining to Brahmadutt Chakravarti
    7. Kundrik Muni
    8. Sourikdutt catching fish
    9. Nand Maniyaar born as frog
    10. Sumukh
    11. Mother giving Khir to Sangam
    12. Meruprabh Elephant saves a rabbit
    13. King Shrenik Mother Bharda Shaalibhadra
    14. Balbhadra Baldev
    15. Dhannaa saint in penance
    16. Dev examines Kamdev
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    Jain’s believe in soul, salvation the other world, good deeds, sins, action and religion. They admit that good deeds lead to happiness and sins to misery. So every soul should store Punya by performing good deeds. Those who desire to become supreme-being Paramatma should devote themselves to sacred deeds and devotional worship of Vimsati-sthanaka. A would be Tirthankara attains sufficient Punya to be Paramatma by worshipping some of these twenty elements less or more with deep devotion in the third birth prior to his last birth. Assuredly a soul cannot become a Tirthankara without this worship.
    There is a difference of opinion about the names and order of the Padas. Diagrams of these Padas are made in different ways. Particular diagrams are not easy and possible.

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    Game 1: Memory Game- A perfect combination to inculcate Jainism and sharp memory. Can be played with the Tirthankar, lanchan, and number cards.

    Game 2: Activity Book- Consists of various activities on 24 Tirthankar, 34 Atishay, and the Time Cycle. Rewritable and handy, this book is sure to keep your kids entertained and knowledgeable.

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    What’s in the Box

    • 60 Symbol Cards
    • 6 Definition Cards
    • Quick Play Rules

    How To Play?

    1. Players simultaneously turn over the cards that they placed in the centre of the table and the game begins.
    2. Without taking turns, players race to play cards from their hand, face up, on either of the center piles. To play a card, it must match at least one characteristic (color, shape or count) of the card on which it is played.
    3. As cards are played, players refill their hand by taking cards from their own draw pile. Players may have up to three cards in their hand at any time.
    4. The game continues until one of the players is completely out of cards from his or her hand and draw pile.
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    Why pray? It’s simple, to talk with God and to get His direction for our lives. Prayer is spiritual communication between ourselves and God. This bundle contains a few poems/stutis. They are easy to understand and easier to sing. Let’s learn these hymns & get connected to the supreme God.

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    Acquaint your kids with these magnificent Jain Tirths with the help of these puzzles & inculcate the values of building a temple right from childhood. This bundle consists of 8 puzzles with 50 pieces each to chance the eye-hand coordination, motor skills, and memory building in all the little children.

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    These puzzles can help inculcate the values of building a temple right from childhood.

    The Dilwara Jain Temples were built by Vastupal-Tejpal. Both the brothers were brave and generous. They spent crores of rupees in building this tirth. The art and sculpture of this place are the best in the world. The splendid temple was built under supervision of Anupamadevi the wife of Tejpal. The sculptural artistry of these temples is famous all over the world. It is matchless and beyond description. The ceiling, domes, gates, pillars, archs and walls of the Vimalvasahi temple are excellent specimens of carving skill. It cannot be described in words. There are 59 small temples in the round passage. Anupamadevi gave gold to the sculpturists, equivalent to the weight of the powder removed as a result of the carvings.

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    These puzzles can help inculcate the values of building a temple right from childhood.

    Once upon a time this was a major center for the Rajput Kingdoms. It was said to be very prosperous & glorious. Lodravā tirth is famous for its magical myths. This tirth has two identical idols of the moolnayak made of black kasauti stone, one is placed in the main garbhagrih and other in the adjacent. The ancient temple was renovated by danveer shreshthi Thirushah. He has repaid gold weighing equivalent to both the idols to the sculpturist (moortikar). The designing work of the wooden Kalpvriksh having leaves, fruits and birds on it, is very attractive. Four other small temples are present outside this temple. The ancient Kalpvriksha can be seen only at this place. It was one of the biggest city and has the opportunity of holding the biggest University of the country in the olden days. Adhisthayak dev of the temple is vary powerful and hence the temple remain unaffected from many attacks on the city. He use to give darshan to his fellow followers on many occasions.

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    These puzzles can help inculcate the values of building a temple right from childhood.

    Pavapuri also known as Apapuri is a scared Jain pilgrimage. Shri Mahavira Swami attained nirvana here. Millions of beings both human and divine rushed to the spot for the final view of the body of Shri Bhagwan Mahavir. Dev, Devis and countless devotees took the ash and carried some to preserve it in their home sanctums, when ash was exhausted, they took away the soil resulting in a large pit on the spot. Bhagwan’s elder brother Shri Nandivardhan constructed a temple & installed Bhagwan’s Foot-Prints here.

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    These puzzles can help inculcate the values of building a temple right from childhood.

    Samavsaran Mandir is built at the foot hills of the Shantrunjay Tirth, Palitana, Gujarat. Samavsaran Mandir consists of a large figure of Mahavira in the sitting position with feet in crossed position. The idol is decorated with gems, jewels, gold and silver. The main temple of Samavsaran has an iconic image of Adinath made up of a fine piece of marble and the eyes of the idol are made up of crystals. In front of the temple there is a quadrangle that has been designed elaborately. The interior of the temple is designed and carved intricately; the ceilings of the temple has pattern similar to geometrical laces that have been clustered together to form a canopy.