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    Navkar Mahamantra Samavasaran Ashta-Maha-Pralinarya Parikac-Avasthatik Panchindiy Sootra Iriya Vahiyam Sota Annattha Sootra Logassa Sootra Karemi Bhante Sootra & 6 Aavashyak 10 Trik Part-4 10 Tk Pant-2 10Trik Part-3 Namutthunam Part-1 ‘Namutthunam to Gandh Hattinam Namutthunam Part-2 (Loguttamaanam to Chakkavattinam) Jay Viyaray Sootra 22 Abhakshya Part-1 22 Abhakshya Part-2 22 Abhakshya…

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    Navkar Mahamantra Samavasaran Ashta-Maha-Pratiharya Parikar – Avasthatrik Panchindiy Sootra Iriya Vahiyam Sootra Annattha Sootra Logassa Sootra Karemi Bhante Sootra & 6 Aavashyak 10 Ttik Part-4 10 Trik Part-2 10 Trik Part-3 Namutthunam Part-1 Namutthunam to Gandh Hattinam Namutthunam Part-2 (Loguttamaanam to Chakkavattinam) Jay Viyaray Sootra 22 Abhakshya Part-1 22 Abhakshya…

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    Good manners are basic elements that will instil a sense of etiquette in your children and make them better human beings when they grow up. They will find it easy to get along with people, succeed at work or school, and develop good relationships with others around them. A polite, considerate child will make the best impression on the world. So, start teaching your kids these manners when they are young, itself!

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    SETTING UP : Divide your group into 2 teams and keep the pile of cards face down in the center


    • Keep a timer of 30 seconds for each player’s turn
    • Every card has a Guess World (topmost word on the card) and a list of prohibited words
    • Teams take turns picking a card from the draw pile, quietly reading the words on the card before giving it to a player from the opposite team
    • This player has to describe the Guess Word on the card to their team without using any prohibited words
    • The guessing team has to call out the correct word within 30 seconds to win the round
    • The card is to be retained by the team on winning a round
    • If the player explaining the word, uses any prohibited word, the opponent team can point it out and the playing team loses that round and the card goes back to the bottom of the pile

    WINNING THE GAME : The team to win the maximum number of rounds wins the game.

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    Samayik is the path to become like Parmatma, because through Samayik our vices are converted into virtues.

    Through this book you will learn

    • Learn the importance of Samayik
    • All the required upkaran for doing Samayik & their importance
    • Complete vidhi of taking Samayik
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    SETTING UP : Scatter all the cards facing down on a large surface.


    • Everyone simultaneously starts looking of the face-down cards by turning them one of a time. If you don’t need the card, keep it back face-down.
    • Place the first card you pick in front of you, face up (side with the objects up)
    • Now look for a card which has at least one object in common with the card in front of you and place it to the right of this card.
    • Continue to form a sequence of cards by looking for cards which have one object in common with the card on the right.
    • As soon as a player has seven cards in a row, they let the other players know. This player wins the round if the cards are correctly arranged and keeps the cards.
    • Rest all players return the collected cards back to the center pile. The game starts again.
    • The game continues till no more sequences can be formed with the cards kept in the center pile.

    The player with the maximum number of cards at the end of the game, wins!

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    Perfect for encouraging early word recognition, your baby will love the playful images and bold type and would explore each one again and again. Flash card has 108 color photographs to look at and talk about, and 108 simple first words to read and learn, too.
    Topics included in the flash cards are Panch Parmeshthi, 24 Lānchan, 14 Dreams,
    8 Mahāpratihārya, Ashtamangal etc. These 108 flash cards are the perfect tool to help develop reading, writing, spelling and pronunciation skills in a joyful and interactive manner.

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    The main purpose behind this game is to put before the children some gem out of the enormous treasure of Jain stories. The child will come to know what are the types of actions which lead to births which are unpleasant and full of horrible experiences. He will also come to know what type of activities can lead to birth in existence which leads to pleasant experiences. Thus by knowing the two distinct categories of activity which lead to unpleasant births & pleasant births respectively, the child will be able to choose the better path which will purify his thoughts, words & deeds. Thus he will be saved from evil deeds of the nature.
    The following 16 individuals revolve in human, sub-human, celestial or hellish existences in accordance to their good or bad deeds or practice the highest spiritual sadhna and attain liberation. This has been shown through the stories given in outline form.


    1. Procession of King Dashaambhadra
    2. Bharat Chakravarti
    3. Hell’s view in Mrugaa’s Mind
    4. Gandhar Goutamswaami
    5. Naagashri offering bitter gourd
    6. Chittmuni explaining to Brahmadutt Chakravarti
    7. Kundrik Muni
    8. Sourikdutt catching fish
    9. Nand Maniyaar born as frog
    10. Sumukh
    11. Mother giving Khir to Sangam
    12. Meruprabh Elephant saves a rabbit
    13. King Shrenik Mother Bharda Shaalibhadra
    14. Balbhadra Baldev
    15. Dhannaa saint in penance
    16. Dev examines Kamdev
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    The Jainism has divided the rotations of the wheel of time in two on the basic of their outcome. During the utsarpini period the Joys increase gradually and during avasarpini the woe multiply. Sixty-three men who influence the life on this planet are born during both utsarpini and avasarpini. They are called Tirthankars Chakravarties Vasudevas and Prativasudevas. In this saga the life and times of the distinguished personalities that were born during the present avasarpini times is described vividly.

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    Jain’s believe in soul, salvation the other world, good deeds, sins, action and religion. They admit that good deeds lead to happiness and sins to misery. So every soul should store Punya by performing good deeds. Those who desire to become supreme-being Paramatma should devote themselves to sacred deeds and devotional worship of Vimsati-sthanaka. A would be Tirthankara attains sufficient Punya to be Paramatma by worshipping some of these twenty elements less or more with deep devotion in the third birth prior to his last birth. Assuredly a soul cannot become a Tirthankara without this worship.
    There is a difference of opinion about the names and order of the Padas. Diagrams of these Padas are made in different ways. Particular diagrams are not easy and possible.

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    Do you feel these products are perfect for a friend or a loved one? Finding it difficult to choose the right gift? You can buy a gift card for them!

    Note: Gift cards come with an expiry date of 1 year.

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    Game 1: Memory Game- A perfect combination to inculcate Jainism and sharp memory. Can be played with the Tirthankar, lanchan, and number cards.

    Game 2: Activity Book- Consists of various activities on 24 Tirthankar, 34 Atishay, and the Time Cycle. Rewritable and handy, this book is sure to keep your kids entertained and knowledgeable.

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    What’s in the Box

    • 60 Symbol Cards
    • 6 Definition Cards
    • Quick Play Rules

    How To Play?

    1. Players simultaneously turn over the cards that they placed in the centre of the table and the game begins.
    2. Without taking turns, players race to play cards from their hand, face up, on either of the center piles. To play a card, it must match at least one characteristic (color, shape or count) of the card on which it is played.
    3. As cards are played, players refill their hand by taking cards from their own draw pile. Players may have up to three cards in their hand at any time.
    4. The game continues until one of the players is completely out of cards from his or her hand and draw pile.
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    This JAINISM THEMED MOBILE is a perfect fit :
    🔹 To gift on the occasion of Muhurt pradan,

    🔹 Ideal gift for new born baby gifts,

    🔹 On the completion of any tap,

    🔹 For any neutral nursery,

    🔹 For Home – Upashray – Tapasya decor.

    🔹 Size:
    Diameter : 12cm
    Total length : 36cm
    Upkaran size : 4.5 – 6 cm
    Material : Paper & Wool

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