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Introducing Jain Flashcards to make learning fun & easy. Flashcards are proven to DOUBLE the learning results!

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    Front Side: 108 Names of Shri Shatrunjaya Mahatirth, Palitana in High Contrast.
    Back Side: 108 Photos of Shri Shatrunjaya Mahatirth, Palitana for Bhaav Yatra.

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    Front Side of card:

    • 24 Tirthankar bhagwan image & name
    • 24 Tirthankar bhagwan image in big size
    • Bhagwan name & number in English & Hindi

    Back Side of card:

    • All details in English & Hindi
    • Mother & Father’s name
    • Birth Place, Nirvan Place, Kaya & Ayushya
    • Bhagwan’s Lanchan & Body Color
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    Speedy observation, quick reflexes, concentration with Jain symbols – All in one game.

    Game 1 (Front side)
    57 Jain symbols, 48 cards, 8 symbols per card & only 1 symbol shared between any 2 cards!

    Game 2 (Back side)
    48 flashcards that will help your child to learn 57 spiritual symbols of Jainism.

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    Now teach the names of 24 Tirthankar Bhagwan, their lanchans & much more with these simple & attractive 24 Lanchan cards.

    Front Side
    • Tirthankar bhagwan name & number
    • Lanchan image in big size for clear visibility
    • Lanchan name in English, Hindi & Gujarati

    Back Side
    • Tirthankar bhagwan name & number
    • Mother & Father’s name
    • Number of Sadhu, Sadhvi, Shravak & Shravika’s
    • Bhagwan’s age, body color & their birth place

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    Contains 8 hanging cards printed of Ashtamangal on both sides. Ashtamangal attract tremendous positive energy. Let your toddler look at these auspicious & positive charged Jain symbols while lying in ghodiya.

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    Set of 25 cards to capture your baby’s journey. Age : 0+ years. And you guessed it right, capture your baby’s first spiritual moments with these cards.

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    Beautiful flashcards to introduce your kids to fruits & vegetables. Also teach your kids from a young age the eatables & non-eatables according to Jainism. These flashcards also include information on the 22 abhakshya mentioned in Jain scriptures. The name of the fruits & vegetables are mentioned in Hindi & English.

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    Teaching your kids alphabets is easier than ever that too with a mix of Jainism. These flashcards contain both variants, A for Arihant & A for Apple, printed back to back.

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    A fun way to introduce and make a child learn about our Tirthankars are Flashcards.
    With these bright and attractive cards, your child will become curious as well as develop the knowledge of Jainism!

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