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    WHAT THE KIDS LEARN: Different card games help develop different skills like principles of Jainism, observational skills, problem-solving, creative thinking, memory, visual processing, and language skills like reading and vocabulary.

    GIFTING: It’s perfect for kids (and grownups) above 5 years and makes for a wonderful return gift where each kid gets a different card game that is religious, educational, and fun. It’s a chance to do away with the boring compass boxes and mugs.

    TRAVEL FRIENDLY: The travel-friendly packs make it the perfect travel companion to engage kids on long journeys.

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    Why pray? It’s simple, to talk with God and to get His direction for our lives. Prayer is spiritual communication between ourselves and God. This bundle contains a few poems/stutis. They are easy to understand and easier to sing. Let’s learn these hymns & get connected to the supreme God.

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    Acquaint your kids with these magnificent Jain Tirths with the help of these puzzles & inculcate the values of building a temple right from childhood. This bundle consists of 8 puzzles with 50 pieces each to chance the eye-hand coordination, motor skills, and memory building in all the little children.

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    Looking for a gift for newborn babies? Look no more, we have carefully curated a bundle that will prove invaluable to parents in inculcating Jain values & principles into their babies.

    What’s Included?
    1. Jain Hangings for Ghodiya (Ashtamangal)
    2. Jain Baby’s Milestones Card
    3. 24 Lanchan of Tirthankars (Flashcards)
    4. Jain Alphabets (Flashcards)
    5. Shri Aimutta Muni (Story)
    6. Forgiveness – Shri Parshwanath Bhagwan (Story)

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    An exclusive combo of 3 puzzles –
    1. Shri Shatrujaya Tirth (Palitana)
    2. Shri Girnar Tirth
    3. 14 Auspicious Dreams

    These puzzles can help inculcate the values of building a temple right from childhood. There are various advantages of puzzles in the development of a child. Concentration, Spatial Awareness, Shape Recognition, Topic-Specific Knowledge, Fine Motor Ability, Hand-Eye Coordination, Problem-Solving Skills, Language, Memory, Self Esteem, and Social Skills are just some benefits of puzzles.

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